Sunday, January 20, 2013

My Most Unforgettable Character

     He is muscular man with his build-up biceps, and not too smart but hardworking. His tanned skin has completes the perfection of him . A pair of loving eyes, with his exquisite smile, he is  not a lot of controversy . He has not-so-round face, tall, and have  black hair . I melted when I looked into his eyes . It is so mysterious and ..beautiful

     Those description will leave you puzzled when it comes to his age . Frankly, he is only an sixteen years old boy as he just finished his PMR last year . His intellectuality, and he quiet good in cooking. He is the elder in his family and he got a younger tbrother and one younger sister .

     We are close for a quite long time . we start our relationship, I met him in such unexpected situation . We both in friend list each other in facebook. We know each other. he wasn't a friendly person from my point of view . He is typical innocence which it he wan't start a conversation with any girl, he was not the most sporting guy I ever met, even the innuendos never works on him . He seemed to be annoyingly . Because for me, i would give up to know him. i'll try to know him better. we became closer than before . I do admit, I was disbelief that I'll  just revealed my life to this bizarre, handsome boy who may or may not despise me .

     after we know, we became a partner. we spend time together. We celebrate our birthdays together. But the most unforgettable ones is our so-called holiday at Sunway Lagoon . We spent a half day precisely by enjoying the games and having fun . I just know his weakness of riding roller coaster . Well, I was scared too but not too obvious as he does . We had done many activities together ,  i'm felt so happy to have know him closer

     Although he is the most indecipherable person that I have ever known in my 17-years living, one thing that I positively sure about him ; he a shy person . Literally, he looks vain and unfriendly person but he is still an ordinary human that needs to be have a normal life like other humans do . I first did not know about it until I abruptly got into him . He is somehow different, like a person who wears a mask before facing this intolerable world . He might a hopeless romantic but he never stops trying to show his best . He tries to convince me that he is worthwhile and he wants to prove that he is being serious with me . It is just that he doesn't like to show off his so-called love affection when people know about his know-all identity .]

     It is undeniable that people especially the girls, are easily attracted towards him . Metaphorically, if the girls are the south poles, then he will always be the north pole with his irresistible, strong magnetic field . At one point, I have to admit that he is sort of good-looking . The smile that he owns, is always my highest point of weakness . Added with his stunningly, loving eyes, he is almost unbearable . Like a 'persona Grata' .

     Unlike other guys, his presence meant 'something' . It filled the hollows in my empty chest . He partially changed me, even the notations would not be the same as before . He taught me to be much patient than I used to, calm in facing any circumstances and always be a positive thinker . I used to call him 'Edward Cullen' as he was my savior in any state of affairs . He would be at his best as I think he is . He always tried to impress me with everything that he has and it felt deeply melancholic . I know it sounded odd and hard to believe but he really meant it and he did it .

     I'm glad to know him. because he only taught patience in a life filled whit the thin. i never will forgrt him, he always in my memorys. he has changed me into a good person better than ever (:

Monday, May 7, 2012


Heyyoo (: senyum takperlu kata ap ap. tadi petang bangun bangun maksu terus ajak pergi jj dgan kokly,nenek,mia,azreen haha balik tu kokly dgan mia pergi klinik aku teman jehh :D haha dah balik tu bersin takberhenti. ajak mama pergi klinik mama kata besok laa. okay buat BO jehh la. tbetibe mama kata "eh jom la kite pergi sekarang, keluakan duit sekali" mntak mntak besok exam takmacam tadi, sengsara woii ):


Hi korang (: amacam picture kat atas tuu? haha hasil tangan sendiri tauu hihi. teringin nak pakai camtu, haha lawa pulak <3 akan datang insya'allah (:

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


HELLO (: haha nak story sikit nyh,tapi mntak mntak nenek takbaca(: kalau baca abes kiteorang. hari ISNIN 4:30a.m. nenek gerak pergi airport, nak pergi Medan kan (: start haritu aku taksekolah, abg amek mc (: selasa mama pulak mcm, lepastu harini aku dgan mama pulak haha (:  kokly mcm biase la. sebb nenek tade mmg la semua taknak sekolah la kerja la. Kiteorang semua Holiday la dekat rumahh, kalau nenek ad msty nenek marah kata malas. nyh nenek tade ap lai semua mc (:

tapi malam nyh nenek nak balik dahh, maksudnya besok kene sekolah. jumaat kene sekolah jugk, tapi pergi lambat lagi sebb takamek seni (: msty nenek cakap "ingat tu sekolah mak  hang? suka hati nak pergi pukul berapa nak balik pukul berapa" hahaha (: dah biase dahh.